Avisae Clean And Lean Diet Guide- Guide To Better Health

Avisae’s Clean & Lean Diet Guide To Better Health
Water: Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water. Water: H2O+Balance+Activate Balance: With proper mineralization your body is better equipped to absorb vitamins helping your body become more efficient in losing weight. Activate: Superfruit infused natural weight loss support drink mix. Adding this to your water adds a boost of energy, flavor, immune strengthening and fat fighting into your everyday program.
Vegetables: Eat 2 servings of vegetables per day. Serving size: Roughly the size of your fist. Vegetables can be cooked, raw or included inside the rest of your meal. Blend some in with a Daily Indulge Protein Shake for simplicity.
Fruit: Eat 2 servings of fruit per day. Serving Size: Roughly the size of your fist. Great for dessert.
Protein: Eat 2 servings of protein per day. Serving Size: Roughly the size of your palm. Examples: Red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, tofu, beans.
Healthy Fats: Eat 2 servings of healthy fats per day. Serving Size: Roughly the size of your thumb. Examples: Avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, olives, avocados and nut butters.
Reduce, Sustain And Relieve: Take these nutrient rich supplements 3 times per day, every day! They will accelerate and accentuate your efforts to be healthy and fit!
No Sugar, Soda, or White Flour: No refined sugar! Mostly included in prepackaged foods! Beware of the inner isles at the grocery store; that is the most common place to find processed foods. Fruits and natural sugars are fine (honey, stevia, etc.) No soda, even the Diet stuff. Stay away from sugar and artificial sweeteners that can derail your weight loss goals by interfering with your stomach’s functions. No white flour: Bread, tortillas, desserts and pastries.
Physical Exercise: Exercise at least 30 Minutes per day! Set aside some time to shake and move. Whether you’re jogging, lifting weights or on the court playing, give your body the movement and strengthening it wants and needs! It is fun and uber healthy!

Avisae-Carcinia Cambogia

Why Does it Have Scientists And Media Buzzing

The most exciting new break-thru in natural weight loss to date! This
supplement is extracted from the rind of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit – a small
pumpkin shaped fruit called a tamarind that grows in S.E Asia and India.

Garcinia Cambogia key weight loss ingredient is called HCA(Hydroxycitric Acid) which acts as a “Dual Action Fat Buster” – helps suppress appetite and prevents fat from being made.

 Garcinia Cambogia

Potent Fat Blocker – There are specialized enzymes in the liver that will take sugars and carbohydrates that you’ve eaten and convert it to the fat in your body.. Garcinia Cambogia blocks the fat enzyme and converts it to energy effectively shrinking your fat cells.

Appetite Suppression – The natural (HCA) in Garcinia Cambogia is a natural appetite suppressant that reduces cravings and makes your body feel full which decreases the urge to eat less stimulating your body to burn more fat.

Garcinia Cambogia key ingredient HCA inhibits citrate lyase enzyme in your body which is known to be an important catalyst in the metabolic process of converting excess carbohydrates into fat. It is is an exceptionally effective fat buster by blocking fat production and when they body’s not making fat its burning fat.

HCA in Garcinia Cambogia also helps emotional eaters because there is an increase in serotonin levels of your brain which helps for better moods and healthier sleep patterns. Its actually been seen in studies to help increase weight loss by 2 to 3 times what people would naturally lose with just diet and exercise alone.


Noted researcher Identifies proven weight loss treatments that work. Dr. Harry Preuss, a clinical researcher at Georgetown University Medical Center using research methodology found that several products provided proven results in reducing, even eliminating unwanted weight. One was an all natural fruit extract called Garcinia Cambogia. Derived from an Asian fruit plant, Garcinia Cambogia was found to attack fat (not muscle) and help keep lost fat off. Dr. Preuss found that Garcinia Cambogia increases serotonin levels in user’s bodies, which helps them maintain lower appetite levels, resulting in sustained weight loss

Garcinia Cambogia Diet loss Secret

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This report was created by Women’s Health to expose the truth behind a very weird diet

Note: Premium Pure Garcinia Cambogia has sold out in most stores. As Of
July 25 2013 It’s Still Available Online.
Staff reporter Helen Hasman investigates a weird weight loss solution that is quickly gaining popularity in USA and around  the world.

(Women’s Health) – The Garcinia Cambogia is the latest buzz in the “battle of the bulge”. With millions of  people praising this so called “miracle pill” that you take as a  supplement to lose weight, it has been getting a lot of attention since  it was recently featured on The Dr. Oz Show. Surprisingly, many people  who struggle daily with their weight have yet to hear about this  powerful option. Those that have heard of the Garcinia Cambogia diet are confused about what it is, how to use it and how to avoid falling for  ineffective formulas and downright scams.

According to Dr Chen (The guest host on the popular Dr Oz show) Garcinia Cambogia works in more than one way, “The first way is it goes in and causes the body to burn glucose, or sugar, and burn fat, mainly in the liver…The  second way, the most important way, is it slows the release of sugar  into the blood stream. So when you don’t have sugar building up in the  blood stream, you don’t have fat building up because sugar turns to  fat…When the two are combined together, you get this synergistic effect  that basically burns and blocks and stops fat, but it also is natural  and safe.”

Well, we here at WomensHealth were a little skeptical of this Garcinia Cambogia. Even after pouring though mountains of research. While I had an educated opinion, I still had no personal proof that the Garcinia Cambogia  option was worth the time. So, with my editors blessing, I decided to  go out and put the product to the test myself. What better way to find  out the truth that to conduct my own study?

To get started, I volunteered to be the guinea pig. I applied online for a bottle of Premium Pure Garcinia Cambogia. Premium Pure Garcinia Cambogia is one of the most credible and trustworthy diet supplement  suppliers on the market.

Source: Womens Health Magazine

Miracle Weight Loss Pill-Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz recently aired on his show what was recently praised as a Super Food “Garcinia Cambogia Extract”   in combating weight loss, more importantly belly fat loss.    Without diet or exercise.

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The Garcinia Cambogia Extract is the latest buzz in the “battle of the bulge”. Since recently being studied on a popular doctor television show, millions of people are praising this so called “Miracle weight loss pill”. Surprisingly, many people who struggle daily with their weight have yet to hear about this powerful supplement.

Normally, I don’t recommend “weight-loss” supplements, especially weight-loss supplements that claim “easy” weight loss or “fast” weight loss. As a nutritionist, I strongly believe that the key to weight loss is a healthy diet and exercise, but there are some incredible super foods that can deliver an added boost. One super food in particular, the Garcinia Cambogia, is creating major media buzz, and the research has me truly amazed.

What has me and the scientific community so excited about Garcinia Cambogia extract is that people don’t have to do anything different when taking this food supplement. They don’t need to exercise, and they don’t need to diet; they just appear to lose pounds fast.

Garcinia Cambogia & Rapid Weight Loss

Let’s get right to the point: The most recent studies published show a significant weight loss (over 25%) on people who used Garcinia Cambogia Extract as a supplement (without diet and exercise). Another study showed using this product showed a rapid weight loss like no other supplement has ever done.

This pumpkin shaped fruit has scientists saying, “it’s a revolutionary fat buster!” Finally, a way to do nothing and lose weight. No more dieting and no more exercise, is the simplest solution to rapid weight loss! By blocking fat from being created and suppressing appetite, Garcinia Cambogia Extract is the fastest fat buster!

America’s Hottest New Way To A Flat Belly

So, let’s dig into Garcinia Cambogia, starting with the question, “Why is Garcinia Cambogia the magic weight loss ingredient?”

The most important ingredient in Reduce is HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid). This revolutionary fat buster works in two ways simultaneously; it suppresses appetite, and prevents fat from being made! Put the two together: suppressed appetite, and when you do eat, it blocks the fat from being made. Instant weight loss without any time wasted dieting and exercising! This is why Garcinia Cambogia is the latest buzz.

Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Clinical Studies

Dr. Julie Chen, a California internist with a fellowship and training in Integrative medicine she recommends Garcinia Cambogia for weight management, cholesterol, and issues associated with metabolic syndrome. “What I love about this product is that it is one of the least expensive to use, and it’s been shown in studies to increase weight loss two to three times the amount people would lose with diet and exercise.”

Dr. Chen said Garcinia Cambogia suppresses appetite by increasing serotonin levels (which reduces emotional eating). It also helps manage stress hormone cortisol, which can lead to increased belly fat. She also says “helps prevent fat from being made and moves towards glycogen which is a energy source, which helps burn more fat.”

She also noted that Garcinia Cambogia helps increase lean muscle mass while cutting fat. While patients may not see different number on the scale, she said dress size should decrease. Recent study found that patients who took Garcinia Cambogia saw an increase in lean muscle mass and a decrease in fat. “That’s important because muscle burns about 30-50 calories per day, and fat only 3-5,” said Dr. Chen. “If you’re getting more of the lean muscle mass and less fat, you are a fat burning machine!”

What To Expect From Garcinia Cambogia

◦Rapid Weight Loss (Average of 17lb loss)
◦Effective Suppressed Appetite (eat less)
◦Increase in Lean Muscle Mass (burn more fat)
◦Increased Serotonin Levels (cut out emotional eating)
◦Works Fast (see results immediately)
◦Drop Dress Sizes
◦Increase in Focus and Energy
◦Better Managed Stressed (lose belly fat)
◦No More Caffeine Crash
◦No Side Effects
◦Saves Time (no more exercise and dieting)

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Miracle Weight Loss Pill-Avisae